bamboo batik hair scrunchie


Hand painted scrunchie | batik dyed hair bobble | Bamboo sustainable hair tie

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We paint each bamboo batik hair scrunchie by hand. To create characterful and unpredictable patterns, we use melted soy wax as a dye-resist. Similar to tie dyeing or ice dyeing, this technique takes on a life of its own.

The fabric is very soft like silk and so is kind to your hair- it does not trap or break. The elastic inside has a good stretch, allowing it to go round your hair two times but also hold firmly.

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100% bamboo viscose.


Bamboo is grown without fertilisers and pesticides. Moreover, bamboo cultivation uses significantly less water than non-organic cotton. This bamboo viscose is made in a closed loop system and the yarn is OEKO-TEX certified as being free from harmful substances.

We use soy wax as a dye-resist to create characterful patterns. Soy wax is a renewable vegan alternative to paraffin and beeswax. In addition to this, we use the ‘dye of choice’ for organic clothing manufacturers. It is metal-free, safe for the environment and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. The dyes do not bleed when the garment is wet and we take steps to minimise water use during the dyeing process. Furthermore, we ensure no wastage by dyeing fabric to order.

A great resource on sustainable fashion is the Fashion Revolution, including information on what to consider when choosing where and what to buy.

As a brand that value sustainability, we also strive to post informative content on sustainable matters on our Instagram account @fordandguy


Our bamboo batik hair scrunchie likes being hand-washed best. Do not tumble try and do not bleach.

To waste less water, energy and to make your clothes last longer, wash at cooler temperatures, wash your clothes less often and don’t tumble dry.

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