Organic denim cross-back apron


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Japanese cross back apron with pockets | Handmade sustainable organic cotton denim artisan smock | Painter gardener cross back pinafore

Our organic denim cross-back apron is durable but also lightweight with a slight stretch to it. The cross-back style is Japanese in design, with an elegant shape and no belt. Because it has not belt, it is also loose and comfy, allowing you to move and breathe. 

When designing our denim cross-back apron, we included a high neck to provide protection to your top clothing. This makes it super useful for painters, tattoo artists and dyers- ours give us great protection from dye flicks in our workshop! The apron is also perfect for gardeners, bakers, shopkeepers, florists, artists, barbers and carpenters.

We have put two large pockets on the front for your convenience of carrying around your tools. We have also reinforced the edges of these pockets to ensure durability since we know that this apron needs to work!

For our longer denim cross-back apron, click here.


  • 98% Organic Cotton
  • 2% Lycra


We make our denim cross-back apron from organic cotton. Organic cotton is more sustainable that regular cotton because the process is based on long-term thinking. Organic cotton farming does not use synthetic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilisers. Healthy soil is maintained through crop rotation, preventing the loss of nutrients into water bodies, both preventing water pollution and the need for artificial fertilisers. Organic cotton farming also uses significantly less water than ordinary cotton, whereby farmers rely mainly on rainwater. Find out more about organic farming at the Textile Exchange!

The labels we use are made from recycled fabric that is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified. We also package the product in recycled paper and ship in reusable and compostable mailbags.

A great resource on sustainable fashion is the Fashion Revolution, including information on what to consider when choosing where and what to buy. For example, which fabrics should you look for and which brands are making efforts to make their supply chains more transparent and ethical.

As a brand that value sustainability, we also strive to post informative content on sustainable matters on our Instagram account @fordandguy


You can machine wash our denim cross-back apron at 30 degrees C. Drip dry and iron on medium heat. Do not bleach.

To waste less water, energy and to make your clothes last longer, wash at cooler temperatures, wash your clothes less often and don’t tumble dry.


  • men with chest size 32-36”
  • women of UK sizes 6, 8 and 10


  • men with chest sizes 36-40”
  • women of UK sizes 12, 14 and 16.


  • men with chest size 40-44”
  • women of UK sizes 18 and 20.

If you are concerned about size and fit, please get in touch and I will be happy to accommodate changes to the design.

This product is made-to-order and takes up to 1 week to process prior to shipping. For general delivery and returns information, please see our informations page here.


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