High-waisted skirt PDF sewing pattern


PDF pattern for you to sew our high-waisted split skirt at home yourself

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This is the pdf sewing pattern for our high-waisted skirt. The skirt has a high-waist and full length with a fitted shape, pockets and a fly zip. It can be lengthened or shortened to your specific measurements and preferences.

This project is perfect for intermediates as it includes a fly zip and jeans-style pockets.

The pattern is an instant PDF download that you print. We provide both A4 and A0 printing options for the pattern. The instructions are in the A4 file. The files contain the pattern for sizes 6-24 (see ‘Size & fit’ section below) and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to print the pattern, lay out the pattern, cut the fabric and sew the project. It also includes a glossary, a detailed size guide and information on how you can alter the project for your preference.

This pattern is not for commercial use. It is not to be resold, duplicated or shared and it is for your personal use only. Items made using this pattern are also only for your personal use and must not be sold.

With this purchase you will be able to download the files up to 5 times over 30 days so please do so within this time period.

You will need

  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Woven fabric (this pattern suits most lightweight woven fabrics. For sustainable options, look for organic cotton, hemp, wool, linen, tencel or recycled fabrics. Check out the links on our sustainable fabric directory).
  • 15cm long jeans zip
  • Two Jeans buttons

When ordering fabric, make sure you order enough to account for shrinkage (most fabrics need to be shrunk via washing before being cut):

Fabric width:  6-12 14-20 22-24
150cm wide  1.5M (1.6M*) 1.5M (1.6M*) 1.5M (1.6M*)
140cm wide  1.5M (1.6M*) 1.5M (1.6M*) 2.2M (2.3M*)
120cm wide  1.5M (1.6M*) 2.2M (2.3M*) 2.2M (2.3M*)

*including 5% extra for shrinkage. Some fabrics may shrink more than 5%. Please check your fabric supplier for information specific to the fabric you are using. If in doubt, buy a little more- you can always make yourself a matching scrunchie!

Printing instructions

Make sure your printer is aligned before printing. You can open the pdf pattern in adobe and select the layer corresponding to your size along with the ‘for all sizes layer’, deselecting the other. sizes. This is not necessary, however as all sizes are labelled. Open the pdf pattern and select the layer corresponding to your size, deselecting the other sizes. Print the pattern with no scaling (this may be listed as ‘actual size’ or ‘100%’). There is a 1cm test square on page 1 that you can measure with. a ruler to check that you have printed it out correctly. After printing, lay out the pages referring to the codes in the pink circles (numbers refer to rows and letters to columns), butting the edges up together (do not overlap or cut). Stick the pages together using tape.


Size & fit

This pattern includes sizes 6-24 (please view our size chart for full details). Please let us know if you are waiting for further sizes of this pattern.

We always recommend making a mock-up of the skirt in inexpensive fabric to check fit before making it in your final fabric.

Size chart

 Chest Waist Hips
Size cm inches cm iches cm
6 80.0 31.5 64.0 25.2 88.0
8 84.0 33.1 68.0 26.8 92.0
10 88.0 34.6 72.0 28.3 96.0
12 92.0 36.2 76.0 29.9 100.0
14 96.0 37.8 80.0 31.5 104.0
16 100.0 39.4 84.0 33.1 108.0
18 104.0 40.9 88.0 34.6 112.0
20 110.0 43.3 94.0 37.0 117.0
22 116.0 45.7 100.0 39.4 122.0
24 122.0 48.0 106.0 41.7 127.0


Lengthening or shortening the skirt can be done at the horizontal lines marked on each pattern piece.

Delivery & returns

This product is a PDF and so will be available to download instantly. Printing instructions are included.

Due to the nature of the download, returns are not possible. If you encounter any issues, please contact us.


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