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Friendly fashion, handmade by Suzie in the UK from sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics, such as organic cotton, linen and hemp. We make to order and repurpose all of our scraps.

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Sustainable Sewing Club

The Sustainable Sewing Club is a creative hub for sustainable-minded people. The club hosts one to one sewing lessons and a variety of workshops. These focus on skill-building, creative expression and knowledge exchange.

About ford & guy

Started by Suzie Ford in 2020, ford & guy is passionate about friendly fashion that is sustainable and ethically handmade. Suzie makes each product in her workshop in Nottingham, England:

“My main aim is to increase access to and choice in responsible products. This is not to increase overall product consumption, but to change the way that we think about the fashion industry.”

We use a mixture of certified organic, fair trade and locally-sourced fabrics with a rich plant-based content. These include organic cotton, hemp, European linen and other cellulosic fabrics. Moreover, we make our products either in small batches or to order so that we do not produce waste. What small scraps we do produce, we repurpose into other projects.

Mindful Maker Directory

Many people in the world are working hard to develop ethically and sustainably-made products. The Mindful Maker Directory aims to bring together a selection of these items and the amazing people behind them. We hope that you look to this directory before buying from larger companies with hidden supply chains.

Sustainable Fabric Directory

We have put together a sustainable sewing directory that links to a number of resources, including where to source sustainable fabrics and haberdashery, along with amazing learning materials.

handmade zero waste denim jacket

The Zero Waste Edit

The Zero Waste Edit brings together our products that incorporate our remnant fabric. We aim to produce zero waste from our process by repurposing our remnant fabric for other projects and products. These include patchwork jackets, overalls and jumpers, face masks, hair scrunchies and wash bags.


I purchased a hand-painted bamboo jacket as a Christmas present for my spouse. The jacket is stunning, and she absolutely loves it!
As the jacket was meant to be a surprise, ford&guy worked directly with me to get the sizing right, and it fits perfectly.
So, we are very happy. Thank you to ford&guy for making such beautiful and sustainable fashion.

Curt, Indiana USA.

I’ve purchased 5 pairs of the denim overalls for me and friends as they are just so versatile and comfortable at the same time as being stylish.We are all super pleased and the fit and cut is just perfect for all body shapes. 

Claire, Midlands UK

I just received my fair trade handwoven jacket and I LOVE it. The fabric is so light and the cut really flattering. It layers well. I wore it today for the first day at a new job. Thanks, Ford&Guy. Looking forward to buying more of your future designs!

Elizabeth, Pennsylvania USA