Sustainable and ethical handmade clothing

Clothing with a sustainable and ethical story, handmade by Suzie in the UK. By making better choices about what we buy, we can take better care for our planet and the people in it.

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zero waste organic dungarees

About ford & guy

Started by Suzie Ford in 2020, ford & guy is passionate about sustainable clothing that is locally handmade. Suzie makes each product in her workshop in Nottingham, England:

“My main aim is to increase access to and choice in responsible products. This is not to increase overall product consumption, but to change the way that we think about the fashion industry.”

organic cotton velvet face cleansing pads

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A great resource on sustainable fashion is the Fashion Revolution. This organisation provides information on what to consider when choosing where and what to buy.

Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate as we are always looking for new and creative ways to build what we do.

orange and pink linen face masks

Sustainable and ethical

We use a mixture of certified organic, fair trade and locally-sourced fabrics with a rich plant-based content. These include organic cotton, linen and cellulosic fabrics. To ensure durable and long-lasting products, we use 100% recycled polyester thread and interfacing to avoid virgin polyester. Moreover, we work hard to make sure that each item is sewn to a high standard.

We make our products either in small batches or to order so that we do not produce waste. In line with this, we also keep and repurpose our remnant fabric for other projects and products, such as face masks, hair scrunchies and patchwork projects. We aim to produce zero waste from our process. Even our cut thread and tiny scraps are used to fill cushions.