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NOTICE- We have some exciting news! In the new year we are welcoming in the team from the Artworks store down the road to provide a new home for their Eco re-fill shop. Since this will change the space available in-store, we will be running fewer workshops. We will also be running them from upstairs in the Little Foxes Playtown (next door).

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Ruffle jacket PDF sewing pattern

The long-awaited ruffle jacket is now available as a PDF (print-at-home) sewing project for you to make for yourself at home. Our pattern has a detailed step-by-step guide, including information on what fabric to use, how much, how to print the pattern, cut the fabric and sew the jacket.

Sustainable Fabric Directory

We have put together a sustainable sewing directory that links to a number of resources, including where to source sustainable fabrics and haberdashery, along with amazing learning materials.