Organic velvet wash bag


Organic cotton velvet cosmetic bag | Lined eco-friendly makeup bag | Luxury gift toiletry bag | Handmade vegan purse

Product Details

Our organic velvet wash bag is a perfect self-care gift. It is sustainable, adorable and functional. We make each bag from a gorgeously soft 100% organic cotton velvet we use a striped 100% organic cotton for the lining. Each bag is 20cm long.
Our cosmetic bags are available in the same colours as our velvet face scrubbies, if you wish to colour-coordinate.


Organic cotton is grown without the use of hazardous and costly pesticides and instead makes use of natural and less invasive techniques that work holistically, for the long-term benefit of people and the planet. These include pheromone traps, crop rotation, hand picking of bugs and natural repellents. They also do not rely on fossil-fuel based fertilisers but instead work to build healthy soil, e.g. through composting. By doing this, organic cotton emits up to 46% less greenhouse gas than non-organic.
Healthy soils also retain more water, meaning that many farmers can rely on rain water alone, saving precious water supplies for the local communities.
Organic farmers also grow food and keep animals, providing them with a stable source of food and diversified income. In addition to this, they receive more for their crop, the input costs are lower and the fabrics will be pesticide free!

We also package our products in recycled paper and both reusable and compostable mailbags.

A great resource on sustainable fashion is the Fashion Revolution, including information on what to consider when choosing where and what to buy. For example, which fabrics should you look for and which brands are making efforts to make their supply chains more transparent and ethical.

As a brand that value sustainability, we strive to post informative content on sustainable matters on our Instagram account @fordandguy


We recommend that you wipe clean our organic velvet wash bag. You can also hand wash or machine wash at 30 degrees C.
Allow to drip dry. Do not bleach.
To waste less water, energy and to make your clothes last longer:

  • wash on cold
  • wash less often
  • don’t tumble dry

Size & fit

Each bag is 20cm long.

Delivery & returns

This product is made-to-order and takes up to 1 week to process prior to shipping. For general delivery and returns information, please see our informations page here.

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