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Why are small businesses important?

Makers put their heart and soul into their items, more often than not making very high quality products that last longer than those available, say from fast fashion outlets. Seeing the love a maker puts into their product might mean you are likely to keep it and use it for longer.

By knowing the maker, this also makes it easier for you to assess the sustainability and ethics of the item and ask questions. Huge companies are able to hide (or don’t even know about) the existence of slave labour, poor working conditions and manufacturing processes that are wasteful and harmful to our environment.

By buying from local businesses you can ask directly and make a decision for yourself:

  • How was it made? 
  • Who made it and what were their working conditions? 
  • Where do they get their materials from?
  • What measures do they take to ensure that the materials were made responsibly and ethically? 
  • Do they even take any measures?
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About us

Started by Suzie Ford in 2020, ford & guy is passionate about handmade clothing and homewares that use sustainable and ethically sources materials. Suzie makes each product in her workshop in Nottingham, England. View our About us page to learn more.

Help us to grow as a business and set an ethical example by following ford & guy on instagram @fordandguy and sharing our content. You can also contact us with inquiries or bespoke orders here.

A fantastic resource on sustainable fashion is the Fashion Revolution. This organisation provides information on what to consider when choosing where and what to buy. Follow them in instagram to be part of the movement at fash_rev.

Credits: Photography by @LucyBethPhotography.