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Our Organic Cotton jumpers aim to provide a comfortable and warm go-to staple in your wardrobe. They also make a playful statement about your personality, regardless of the fashion trends at the time. We make our current collection from 100% Organic Cotton in a range of sizes. We are also able to make items to your individual measurements so please get in touch.

Wearing clothes for longer

The most sustainable clothes aren’t just those made from renewable resources, but are those that we wear for longer. Brands therefore have a responsibility to capture what it is about clothes that make us want to wear them over and over again. Important aspects of clothing that determine wearability include: comfort; practicality; quality; how easily they can be worn with other items; how special you feel in them; and whether they are sufficiently outside the tide of fashion trends to stand the test of time. We strive to capture these elements in the design and construction of our organic cotton jumpers.

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